Apple iPhones Most Popular Smartphones in India’s Pre-Owned Mobile Market: OLX

Apple iPhone models remain the most popular devices among smartphone buyers in India’s pre-owned mobiles market, OLX India’s latest study reveals. According to the company, following Apple, Xiaomi and Samsung phones are the most popular brands in the pre-owned mobile phones market. The internal data further states the demand for mobile phones continued after the second wave of the pandemic in the country. OLX study reveals that Tier 3 cities pulled maximum demand, accumulating 43 percent. Tier 2 cities accumulated 30 percent of the demand for pre-owned mobile phones. It is said that Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, Punjab, and Andhra Pradesh lead in terms of states that generate the highest demand and supply of mobile phones.

In a press note, OLX reveals that 2021 started with 100 percent demand for mobile phones and experienced a high of 115 percent in June and July. While the overall demand for pre-owned phones increased by 61 percent during lockdown and post the unlock in 2020, the demand jumped by 44 percent post unlock 1 vs pre-Covid lockdown period. Overall, the study shows the there’s a “penchant and priority for smartphones in India,” OLX notes. Apart from Apple, Xiaomi, and Samsung phones, brands such as Vivo, Oppo, Realme and OnePlus remain popular in the pre-owned mobile market. Notably, all these brands contribute 90 percent of the total demand on OLX, with Apple iPhone constituting a third of it.

Speaking more over the development, CMO at OLX India, Sapna Arora said studies like these allow the company “to be in touch” with customers. “With consumers moving online in reaction to coronavirus restrictions, work, studies, shopping, staying in touch especially via video all shifted online, and this is clearly reflected in the desire of Indians to own a smartphone. Tier 3 consumers are leading the demand which is a hugely positive development,” Arora added in the press note.